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Tip 17: Invest in advertising for premium domains.

If you own a premium domain worth high $xxxx and more. It may be wise to spend some money in advertising to reach your target buyers.

 For example you can invest in Yahoo Ads or Google Adwords and advertise your domain with Google or Yahoo. They control 90% of PPC market and its generally wise to go with them.

Your domain ads will be displayed when someone searches for the keywords you have selected in Google. This will increase traffic and will also increase your PageRanK if you have a good adverstising budget. Now that you have traffic and pageRank it should be a lot easy to get buyers attention.

 If above technique is used effectively you can increase your chances of sale by 70% or more.  See the following links to find out how to effectively run Google adwords campaign.

You will find lot of similar stuff on the internet. Use search engines to learn more.

 Consider that you own and you setup adwords campaign, and consider that your domain ad is displayed along with ebay, ubid & other top auction sites. These auction sites are also keeping tab of competition and when they see your ad they will visit out of curiosity. Soon many similar business will learn that your domain is for sale. And if you own a good name chances are high that you will recieve offers from these competitors.

 If your domain is targetted for a niche market advertising in search engines can be very effective in quickly getting attention of related businesses.





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