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Tip 1: Selling in auctions.

So you have a domain name and you want a Quick Sale?. Well Auctions are the best place to look for.

The most commonly used auction sites are TDNAM & E-bay.. You can even try to auction your domains on Forums like NamePros , DNForum, DomainState etc.

Remember auction is mostly for quick sale and if you are willing to lower your prices to what would attract bidders. If you dont get any bids , chances are that you have quoted a high price, reduce the price appropriately.

♥ Once you have listed the domains in auctions you can market your auctions and send emails to potential buyers or post in Forums ( For sale / Auction boards ) etc. The more you market your auctions the better chances you have to get more bids and selling for a good price.

♥ If you have already got a bid the above tip will be very effective as it gives sense of urgency to other buyers.

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