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Tips to sell domain names fast

We hope that this site is of great value to you and can make you thousands or millions. Read the disclaimer. We do not take guarantee for results of your domain sales or anything. The contents of this site is are personal opinions of the author and you agree to use any information at your discretion.

Domain name trading is very close to real estate business. Investments are made for future profits. A good domain name can be as expensive as a condo in Manhattan. This analogy will help you understand the domain business for optimum results. If you are selling real estate then there are many factors you would consider before you price it.

Most important is location. If you have 2000 sq ft in Kansas farm v/s in Manhattan the price will differ greatly. Similarly if you have a .com v/s other TLDs you can expect a huge price variation. The landscape, size and design of the house are also key factors. Just like a house needs appraisal based of various factors, domain names need appraisals too.

You will have to invest your time to research- What are similar sites selling for, Where are they being sold? Who are the buyers?, etc. If you put a unrealistic price tag on domains, you will drive out potential buyers, similarly if you put a lower price tag, you will feel the pinch when your name sells for thousands of dollars.

Professional appraisal services give confidence to both buyers and sellers. Buyers can see the authenticity of the price tag and sellers can demand the price they want.

Domain selling is not for everyone. You need skills and expertise, patience, acumen, anticipation and be abreast with events & news. You also need insider tips to make a sale happen. Conventional selling strategies may work, but experience shows that domain selling requires smart efforts, which are seldom found in majority of domain sellers. This website is an attempt to give you some strategies so that you can succeed in domain selling.

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