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Domain name suggestions Domain Tools Domain Name forums
  1. Name Tumbler - Creates huge list and check availability
  2. PC Names - Search & Suggest
  3. Domain Suggestions - from Domain Tools
  4. Rhyme Zone - Finds Rhymes , Synonyms - excellent for searching alternate name
  5. Domains Bot  - Suggestions
  6. Bust a Name - Easy way to find domains
  7. Domainr - Gives short URLs along with suggestions
  8. Dot-o-mator - Word list and quick suggestions
  9. Domize - Fast ajax based search
  10. SQUURL - Ajax search with suggestions
  11. DYYO -  converts and search for your 4 letter domain name
  1. Domain Name analyzer( Freeware)
  2. Top 50 Keywords
  3. Top Searches
  4. Top Searches
  5. Google Hot Trends
  6. Google Traffic Estimator
  7. Domain tools Misc
  8. Keyword tool from SEO Book
  9. Fast Whois search
  10. Check trademarks
  11. Psychic Whois - Auto completion lookups
  12. DN Scoop - Domain and site value tool
  13. Ajax Whois search
  1. Namepros
  2. Domainstate
  3. Discuss Names
  4. DigitalPoint Domain forum
  5. Web Hosting Talk
  6. InForum for Indian domains
  8. DN Forum
 Domain Name trends  Domain Services ( Escrow and Valuation , Appraisals)  Dropping / Expiring  domains
  1. DN Journal's YTD top 100 sales chart
  2. DN Journal (weekly report)
  3. Domain Worldwide - Daily domain counts
  4. Registrar STATS
  5. Daily Changes - Daily DNS changes and Web hosting activity.
  6. Premium Drops - Expired and expiring domains with PR, traffic etc.
  1. - Escrow service for domains, as well as other goods and services.
  2. - Domain name law firm that offers escrow services.
  3. ICANN Accredited Registrar
  4. Sedo's Escrow service
  5. Aftenic's Escrow service
  1. Deleted Live - Find expiring and expired names by Keyword and popularity
  2. Just Dropped
  3. Premium Drops
  4. All Drops
  5. NameJet - Expired name aftermarket
  6. Snap Names - buy expired and even registered names
  7. Pool - Backorder or pre-order domains
  8. TDNAM - Godaddy's domain auction site.
  9. Click Mojo - domain aftermarket services
  10. Stuck Domains
Domain Auctions and Marketplaces Legal

Domain name valuation and appraisals

  1. Fresh drop
  5. ebay - domain auctions
  10. Domain Marketplace:  If you have natural traffic, one and two word generic terms, and strong traffic here
  11. V7N Network: - domain sales do happen
  12. Domain Shows: Get free or paid listings on this domain marketplace.
  13. Auction domains on Ebay – A complete Guide
  14. Tulip Domains:  You’ll get offers via email that you can accept or reject, with a 5% commission to them.
  15. Buy Sell Website: This marketplace has listings for both established and start-up websites.
  1. U.S. Trademark Search
  2. RhymeZone
  3. DomainSpammers
  4. Domain Name Appraisal Scam: Know about scammers who want to take advantage of domain name owners
  5. Domain name case notes (legal), decision and news
  1. - Free domain name appraisals
  2. Swift Appraisals - Question based appraisals
  3. Self Appraisals - 100 point system
  4. Nameboy Appraisals - Free
  5. Free Appraisals by Namepros members
  6. Self Domain Appraisal: Use these 13 metrics to self appraise.
  7. URL Buyers Appraisal: Get your domain name looked at by an individual appraiser on this site.

Website and Developed domains valuation

  1. Valuation of Developed Websites - for developed domains
  2. Website Value 101-How to Appraise a Website:
    Get the basics on website valuation in this article.
  3. Search Engine Optimization Analysis Tool: Excellent tool toanalyze and measure the ranking potential of your web pages
  4. Compete: Compare traffic graphs for up to three domains at a time 
  5. Guide to Basic Variables that make a website valuable - helps you calculate future profitability, traffic, and other valuation basics.
  6. How to value your domain name: Another good self appraisal guide form iGold Rush


 Negotiation  Management services  Miscellaneous
  1. How to Negotiate Domain Name Prices: Art of negotiating, good tactics.
  2. Negotiate like a Pro: Simple ideas for a look into the basics of domain seller negotiating.
  3. Domain Price Negotitation: Basic rundown of domain negotiations
  4. Keep Negotiations Secret when selling an E-Business: Is it vital to keep quiet about your domain sale ?
  5. Negotiate a Deal: How does your buyer think ? .. Good for domain sellers
  6. How to Negotiate: General negotiation tactics can be applied to domain names also.


  1. Moniker: Nearly everything to do with your domains: registration, portfolio management, appraisal, escrow and more.
  2. Rebel:  Rebel Portfolio Manager to manage an unlimited number of domains.
  3. DN Zoom: Link your registrar and parking accounts, manage all of your domains in one place, and keep an eye on auctions.
  4. NameFollow: software to organize, track, and sell your domains.
  5. Names @ Domain Name Management: Less automated and more thorough
  6. DomainSoho
  1.  OpenApps - App store for your website. Pickup apps to quickly develop your domain or site
  2. Domain name events at DN Calendar
  3. Domain Scams Increasing: be aware of such scams
  4. Anatomy of domain appraisal scams
  5. DN Hour - Digg like domain news rating


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